About the use of cookies and personal data

Orkla is a group of companies that produce goods for consumers in various territories. Your local Orkla companies share responsibility for processing your personal data, and we promise to handle such data securely.

Orkla’s websites uses cookies and similar technologies that store information on your PC, mobile phone or tablet, usually through the use of a web browser. Cookies are used to grant visitors access to different functions on our websites, to differentiate the visitors from each other, to analyse the performance of our websites and online services, and to utilise personalised interest-based advertising. This relies to some degree on the use of personal data from our users – as described below – and helps us improve our website and make our digital communication more relevant to our recipients.

Visitors can voluntarily choose to accept the use of cookies through the settings in the web browser. In your browser settings, you can either block the automatic downloading of cookies, or you can be asked to approve the download of each cookie. You can also delete cookies at any time by going to your browser settings. The process for doing this depends on which browser you use. Go to “Settings/Privacy and Security” or the equivalent menu in your browser for more detailed information on how your browser works. Please note that if you block all cookies on your browser or device, this can cause a drop in performance on our and other websites.

Purpose of cookies on this website

Our website uses cookies placed either by us or by third parties for the following purposes:

  • Analysis: We use cookies to count unique visitors on our websites and to develop other statistics regarding our websites’ operation and functionality. The service records information about page views and user information such as geographical location, device, operating system and browser.
  • Login: If the website has a login option, we store an ID number and the time of login in a cookie on your device, which enables you to navigate around the website without having to log in again every time you open a new page.
  • Interest-based advertising online: You can see advertisements from the Orkla Group on other websites due to cookies placed on your browser or device by this website. The advertisements are based on the content and pages you visited on our website, plus user information such as geographical location. This method allows us to identify your interests and make our advertisements more relevant to you. The technology is called “remarketing” and it is provided by third party suppliers such as Google.
  • Use of behavioural data for “twin profiles”: Twin profiles are based on the collection of data about the users’ behaviour on our websites. If we know about the interests of one cluster of users (see previous point), we can extend the ads they like to new groups that show similar/the same interests and behaviour patterns on our websites.

If you would like more details about the cookies that may be used on this website, how we use them, third party access to the data collected by the cookies and and how long they are used for, you can view a list of cookie specifications by clicking the link: Overview of cookies that may be used on this website.
Data collected by third party cookies is also used by those third parties, and you can find their contact information on their own websites (see cookie specifications list).

Contact – enquiries

Orkla is a group made up of companies that produce goods for international consumers, and these companies share responsibility for the way they process your personal data.

Email privacy@orkla.no if you would like to view, obtain, correct or delete personal data that we have stored about you. You are likewise entitled to object to, demand restriction of or withdraw consent for the processing of your personal data. You also have the right to complain about the processing of your personal data to your local data protection authority.

Overview of cookies that may be used on this website


Companies within the Orkla Group that share responsibility for processing personal data