Develop your skills with us

Working at Orkla Home & Care Products should feel like coming home. This is a workplace where you will have the opportunity to develop yourself, your team and your skills.

The Orkla Academies

At Orkla Home & Personal Care we have a number of Academies that cover the entire value chain. These are popular programmes that provide the required core functional competence in the organisation. Through the academies, our employees learn to use best practice, they are introduced to new tools and develop the skills they have in their specific functions. We have a great selection of academies such as, “Orkla Sales Academy”, “Orkla Supply Chain Academy”, “Orkla Procurement Academy” and “Orkla Brand Academy”. The latter is one of our most requested academies and has been especially developed for brand or marketing managers who work in one of Orkla’s many marketing departments. Here we focus on the most important value-creating processes in marketing and innovation.


Modern Learning Models

The programmes we offer employees at Orkla Home & Personal Care are based on modern technology and platforms for learning. We know that a lot of learning happens at work and together with those we work with. That’s why we base much of our training on the 70-20-10 model. This means that 70 per cent we learn in the workplace, 20 per cent we learn in interaction with others, and the last 10 per cent is learning that takes place through various formal programmes and seminars. We therefore set up our learning in the same way so that you go through something we call the “High Performance Learning Journey” (HPLJ). By facilitating HPLJ, we can more clearly give our programme participants the ability to take responsibility for their own future development and experience the benefits of the learning.