Product and consumer safety

Everyone using Orkla Home & Personal Care’s products can be confident that they are safe to use and does not cause any unnecessary negative impact on the environment.

We prioritize health, environment and safety, whether it concerns you as a user of our products, our own employees, or the external environment. These aspects are central to all our product development.

Our two factories, the detergent factory in Ski and the production plant in Falun producing our brands for personal care, are certified according to three international standards: EN-NS ISO 9001 (quality), EN-NS ISO 14001 (environment), and ISO 22716 (safety).

Several of our products are also labeled with the official environmental label "The Nordic Swan," and marked with the recommendation of the Asthma and Allergy Nordic.

Our highly skilled and dedicated professionals in our R&D-department conduct extensive innovation, based on deep consumer insight, benefiting consumers with continually improved products. They also ensure that we are at all times compliant with, and preferably ahead of, a comprehensive European chemical regulatory framework.

Important advice when handling detergents


· Remember that all detergents consist of chemicals and must be handled with care.

· Detergents must be used as recommended.

· Always read the instructions on the packaging.

· Measure the dosage according to the recommendations on the packaging.

· Do not mix different detergents.

· It is especially important not to mix chlorine and ammonia-containing detergents, as this can produce harmful gases.

· If someone gets detergent in their eyes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and contact a doctor.

· If someone experiences skin reactions, rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

· Always store detergents out of reach of children.