A career in Orkla

Orkla’s infancy began in 1654. Since then, Orkla has developed into one of Norway’s largest companies. This could not have happened without inspired, brave and knowledgeable people. We are looking for people who want to make their mark on how Orkla develops into the future.

We offer jobs throughout the supply chain, from production to consumer. We have a wide range of career opportunities and we want to develop Orkla together with talented and motivated people. Your experience, knowledge and background are important and can help us develop in the right direction.

Every day we share experience and knowledge across national borders. By working together, we learn and develop both as a company and as a team. Among other things, we do this through internal courses and gatherings for employees. We believe that Orkla should be a home to grow on many levels. We therefore offer many employee benefits, as well as social and physical activities.

No matter what role or background you have, we hope that you will have an exciting career with us. With us, you can also work in other countries. Either on a short assignment to learn something new, or through a longer stay abroad at one of our many international locations. Employees can always return to their home at Orkla after completing their foreign posting. This is one of many reasons why we have a very low level of employees switching jobs: year after year.

Frequently asked questions

We believe the best learning happens at work, and our organisational culture encourages employees to challenge themselves and their colleagues. To promote learning, we are concerned with knowledge sharing, a good feedback culture, talent development and leadership development. We also have a number of internal academies and courses.

Diversity is necessary and important to ensure innovation and value creation. As a major international player in the labour market, we have a great social responsibility and will take the lead in the development of ensuring equal opportunity and diversity at all levels of the organisation.

We also have many employee benefits. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • A variety of social events, often in combination with lectures, brainstorming and insight into the latest technology
  • Internal academies created by experts in the field
  • After work – Take a colleague with you and join the party!
  • Access to fitness centres
  • Choirs and cultural groups
  • Company cabins for rent all year round
  • Staff shopping with reduced prices on own brands
  • Full salary during parental leave and illness
  • Flexible working hours and place of work where possible

The combination of increased competition, new technology, new expectations from our customers and new regulations creates a basis for major changes. It also creates a need for a high rate of development over the next few years.

That’s why we need to increase the power of innovation. It’s not just about ideas. It’s about performance and speed. We intend to work systematically to ensure that we get the most out of the resources that are used and the activities that are implemented.